30 plus unique and cool Valentines Day gifts

You can never say that you love him for a day, in fact, it is a feeling that originates from the heart and drives you to express that every day. But lovers have chosen a special day that is valentine’s day to celebrate love which is an eternal bonding. Therefore, let’s scroll through some of the exclusive Valentine’s day gifts to get some brief on that.

  1. Orchid with love

Love is the sweetest feeling on this earth. Holding the hands together and expressing your love makes it joyous. Therefore you thought to present your love with a bouquet of orchids. The beauty of the purple color will paint your love canvass in a purplish hue.

2.Sweetest bond

To celebrate the sweetest bond on this Valentine’s day you thought to gift a bouquet of multiple flowers. Like the one, you chose to have for her has peach carnation, pink orchids and red roses with a soft toy.

3. Love is luck

Love brings good luck as well. That is why you thought that it would be great to gift her good luck with life with a bouquet. It has 20 red roses with two-layered bamboo plants.

4.Inspiring love

Your love always inspired you to succeed in life. Therefore you selected a gift that comprised 24 and 16 Ferrero Rocher along with red roses.

5.Stunning gift

As you want to startle your dearest love on this Valentine’s day so you got a superb plan. To meet your plan you picked a men’s grooming kit. It has the Deodorant, shaving cream from Park Avenue.

6. Gorgeousness

Your dearest girlfriend looks so gorgeous when she dresses up. Therefore you thought that it would be fine to gift her a beautiful kit consisting of 3 yellow rose, makeup brush, and makeup remover.

7. Health with love

You thought to promise your girlfriend good health for this Valentine’s day. So you decorated the box with items like green tea packet, a bar candle, and a Granola bar.

8. Say she is beautiful

Sometimes gifts do speak than words. Therefore you thought to praise her beauty with a grooming beauty kit. It has nail polish, kajal, eyeliner, a leather belt, and a deodorant.

9. Kisses and love

A huge bouquet of roses can be a perfect Valentine’s gift. That is why you chose a bouquet of pink roses clubbed with purple orchids.

10. Dry fruit basket

This Valentine’s day you wanted to start on a different note so a basket full of plenty of dry fruits will be the best addition. It has all sorts of dry fruits like raisins, cashew, peanuts, and raisins.

11. Face care kit

Choosing the most for her was a challenge for you. But you intelligently handled that by getting the face care kit for her. It has the face wash, lip balm, skin softener, eye shadow kit, and foam bath.

12. Teddy love

Your girlfriend is too fragile so she loves to be loved. Therefore you thought to pamper her on this Valentine’s day with 16 pieces of Ferrero rocher, a golden-colored teddy and 12 red roses will make her love you.

13. Chocolate love

Your boyfriend has a superb fascination with chocolates. Therefore you planned to surprise him on this Valentine’s day with  Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet. It has about 16 pieces of chocolates. Therefore your boyfriend will brace the gift wholehearted feelings.

14. Perfect love

You have a girlfriend who always takes care of your feelings. Hence you got an idea of saying her you are perfect with the help of a bouquet. It is for your love so you got the roses in combination with the white Asiatic lilies.

15. Long-lasting love

Love is life so you thought to make your lifespan longer by presenting her a bouquet of beautiful roses which is 100 in number. Honestly, it is arranged vertically which gives a heightened look to the whole thing.

16. Roses, cake and toy

You always need to pamper your girlfriend to make her feel unique. That is why you picked a combo gift that has 50 red roses, A 12-inch brown-colored teddy, and half kg yummy chocolate cake.

17. Mix roses layer

Roses are a harbinger of happiness and infinite love. Therefore you thought to present steps of 60 different roses in colors like white, pink, yellow and red to your wife.

18. Grooming kit

You want your man to look fit and well-groomed. So you have a plan of presenting him with a grooming kit set. It has the soap, shampoo, moisturizer from popular brand Khadi, also Garnier men color, a grey colored bathing towel.

19. Miscellaneous gift

You are ready to present your sweetheart with a miscellaneous gift pack set. It comprises of the Yakult probiotic tablets, Dabur honey, Tang, coconut water, sunflower seeds, and a green fresh plant.

20. Glass vase rose decoration

You are very thoughtful for Valentine’s day. Therefore you selected some of the beautiful collection of 12 different roses. They are mostly in colors like red, white, pink, peach, orange and yellow. The best is that they are stocked as 20 into bunches. Therefore you can imagine your girlfriend will surely feel elated after having a gift from you.

21. Lovely skin

You are familiar that your girlfriend loves to take care of her skin. In fact, she always uses branded products to make sure that her skin is in the right condition. Therefore to let her skin glow radiantly you picked some selected skincare products like face wash, moisturizing lotion, and the herbal soap from Khadi. The most essential is that you also added two beautiful green candles to start your Valentine’s day in a glowing mood.

22. Garnier- Denver combo

Men too love to pamper their skin. Therefore you thought that you should also make your boyfriend start doing that which is why you picked a combo gift that included the Garnier men fairness cream, a perfume from Eaude and deodorant from Denver. The best thing is that you made the gift appealing by decorating the same in a tray.

23. Roses, cakes, dry and fresh fruits

You thought that this valentines day gift selection should be different from the past. That is why you selected a bunch of 12 roses, a plate full of multiple dry fruits, a basket of seasonal fresh fruits and the most important is the delicious chocolate cake with a layer of vanilla cream on top.

24. Pampering kit

Pampering your skin is something that you should do religiously. Therefore it would be a catch when you plan to gift your girlfriend something related to that. Therefore you, fortunately, got a gift from oyegifts.com. It has daily moisturizing cream and face wash from Garnier. In addition to that, it has face cream, dove soap, and Pantene shampoo as well.

25. Nivea care

Overall caring is very important so you thought that it would be fine to gift your dearest wife with some lovely handpicked products from the veteran brand Nivea. It has the boy spray, talc, lip balm, soft cream, and face wash.

26. White and metal ladies watch

Your sweetheart has a fascination with white color. That is why you got a cool thought to present a serene watch to her. The best about the watch is that it is painted in white and has a golden colored border decoration. Most impressive is the studded stones bordering the edges of the dial. On top of that, it is enduring as well because crafted from high-quality material.

27. White carnation

Carnation has been known for its bewitching appeal. The flower has a charming way to captivate your mind. Most important thing is that you also selected the same flower for your sweetheart. It is a bouquet comprising of 12 white carnations. The beauty is that you wrapped the whole thing so beautifully in a white silk cloth.

28. Multiple chocolate list

Have you ever tried to impress your beloved one with a chocolate storey? If not yet then Valentine’s day is the perfect call to do so. Honestly, you also thought the same way and picked a two-layer storey of chocolates. It has the Cadbury dairy milk, Nestle KitKat, and the five-star chocolates. To make the chocolates look seriously catchy you even decorated the same with a red satin cloth.

29. Heart shape roses with Ferrero Rocher

Roses always put a special touch to your gift. Therefore it would be cool when you select only roses and chocolate as the key ingredient of the gift. You are aware of the thought that your girlfriend loves both of the two things. So by luck, you got the same combination on the trusted online gift portal Oyegifts.com.Here you got that gift where the heart is designed with roses at the edges and the Ferrero Rocher in the middle.

30. Roses in a basket

Have you ever thought of gifting someone a basket full of roses? If yes then we should look for this one as the stylish cane basket which is used to nestle ten red roses. Along with that, it has the sweet teddy inside the basket as well.

31.  Yellow roses and lilies in a glass vase

Flowers always leave a special touch on special occasions. Therefore you thought that it would be nice to get some flower sticks. And the one you got has Asiatic lilies and roses in particular. Most importantly they are yellow in color which gives a glow to the flower. In addition to that, you also added chocolate celebrations as well.

Thus these are some of the interesting 30 plus gifts for Valentine’s day.

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