Creative Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother And Sister


Creativity always adds the touch of finesse to any gift. Therefore, any occasion is the right way to put up your creativity. And to do that to the fullest the best you can do is get any congenial gift but put the last drop of your thought into that. In this regard, pay attention because Rakhi is almost here. Both sisters and brothers would be busy sorting the gifts for their siblings. Well, here we have conscripted our disposition on some of the creative rakhi gifts that both brothers and sisters can try out for sure.

Card chocolate and Rakhis

Your brother loves to snack on chocolates whenever he feels like having a sweet tooth craving. Therefore you thought that it is always better to gift your brother something delicious and chocolaty on this Rakhi. To get some innovative idea you clicked on the site The credible site boasts of showcasing different types of gifts that will congenially meet your requirement.

The gift that immediately caught your lens is the combo gifts consisting of the Rakhi greetings card, In addition to that it has one stone engraved Rakhi and another Rakhi embossed with red beads. On top of that, the inclusion of the chawal and Roli make it a fulfilled gift. But 2 dairy milk simply add its own touch of sweetness to the gift. Note that you got the whole gift from the site at a price Rs 599 only.

Customized cushion for Rakhi

You know well that your sister is very sensitive and gets emotional when it is about her littlebrother. Therefore every year you need to think something innovative so that the gift turns out impressing. On this Rakhi, you got a plan that instead of getting too many gifts and clubbing them, you will buy only one gift for her. But that gift has to be uniquely eye-catching. Thanks to the site for actually curating the gift in an exact manner that you want to have. Coming to the gift, in particular, it is a 12 inch by a 12-inch white-colored cushion. To make it look distinguished you collaged the photo of your sister and yours in various segments. But one additional feature is the green colored portion where you can write your sister’s name. Obviously, you can get this customized cushion at a price of only 499 Rs.

Cake and stole

As you know about Rakhi it is the most propitious celebrations especially organized for brothers and sisters. Therefore on that day, it is ritual that the sisters will tie the rakhi and the brothers will give some return gift to them. But you don’t want to gift your sister because it is a ritual, instead, you want to present her something that will actually touch her heart and will bestow lots of happiness on her. In that regard, you thought to bring a cake for her. The one you thought to get for this Rakhi is a black forest cake topped with lots of cherries and syrup.

But you want that your sister should look too glamorous at the same time. That is why you picked silk stole for her in the color grey from the online store Actually, both the gifts were not together. But you just mix and matched them to create a unique rakhi gift look.

Coming to the price of both the gifts you will get the cake for Rs 849 while the appealing stole priced for Rs 499.

Gift combo in a bucket

Choosing the gift for your brother is not an easy task honestly, you know he is a nagging one since small. Considering all his likes and dislikes, as a sister you thought that it could be a cool idea to get a gift hampers for him on this Rakhi, the one you picked is amazingly superb.

It has the deodorant from the well-known brand Playboy. In addition to that, also have a black colored wallet and two white candles. The best part is that all these are beautifully arranged in a mini styled tub. The moment you saw it you just immediately added that to the cart. Therefore it is time to consider the price which is seriously quite pocket friendly that is you saw that the price of the whole gift hamper is Rs 2699.00. Finally, you picked all these from a site


Just scroll through each of the creative gift ideas so that you can end up buying the right gift for your sister and brother. Once you select you can also send Rakhi to India as well. Hence, read all the points at length and see which gift will actually suit your sibling. In addition to that, the price is also mentioned so that you get proper guidance based on which gift to send to a sibling staying out of the country.

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