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This year has been a year of financial losses with the pandemic looming over us. Millions of people were affected financially and hundreds faced salary cuts to say the least. 2020 has taught us a lot of things; it has curbed the Saturday parties at the night clubs, the weekend movies at the multiplex and also the day to day dinner or lunches at our favourite city restaurants. It has been a year of lockdowns, of unlocking and most importantly, it has been a year when we learnt to be happy by doing the things we love doing at home. But, no matter what, no matter how hard your business has been hit, or how low has been the rate of financial gains this year, you possibly cannot miss gifting corporate Diwali gifts to spread some joy and happiness in the life of your employees and other business associates. Diwali is the perfect time to remind them of their unwavering support and hard work that they put in throughout the year, it is about conveying to them that you care with exclusive gifts on Diwali. This year, add a creative touch to corporate Diwali gifting with the top 5 corporate Diwali gifts that are enlisted as under:

A Touch of Greenery

You can decide to go in for Diwali hampers that feature plants. This is not only a drive towards creativity, but also it is about ushering in an eco-friendly Diwali with such exclusive gifts. Take a break from the age-old Diwali gifts that would be about gifting sweets, dry fruits, chocolates etc. Rather you can go in for Diwali hampers that has green plants clubbed with chocolates, sweets or dry fruits for the matter. There are certain hampers that feature Sansevieria plant in a beautiful pot with cute five monks. There are also options where money plant and Jade Terrarium that comes in a round glass pot and looks great under Diwali corporate gifts. Going in for fresh green plants can indeed work as unique gifts for corporate gifting and that too with the perfect touch of creativity.

Go In For Hampers with Diyas

Go In For Hampers with Diyas

What can be better options as Diwali gifts than hampers that come with pretty Diwali diyas? Well, you are bound to agree that it shall all the more add the touch of festivity to the hamper in an exclusive manner. There are options in which decorative earthen diyas are coupled with a chocolate hamper. Imagine what a lovely and delightful Diwali gift this will make as a corporate choice this year. There are also choices where delicious sweets are coupled with decorative diyas, or there are also options in which fresh dry fruits come in with designer Diwali diyas. The lovely diyas are creatively included in the hampers and these adds a different touch of colour to the gifts to put it precisely.

Colourful Potlis Full of Goodies

For corporate Diwali gifting, potlis is sure to impress at the first sight itself. Gifting is an art and for Diwali if you choose to go in for hampers that contain colourful potlis full of dry fruits or chocolates, trust us, it can really make for droolworthy Diwali gift packing. There are options in which idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha come with a pack of fresh Soan Papdis and two decorative potlis full of cashews and almonds respectively.  Then there are choices in which there is a tin of fresh Gulab Jamun that is coupled with a jute potli full of cashews, one jute potli full of almonds and comes with four decorative Diwali diyas in a beautiful wooden tray. Colourful potlis definitely adds a touch of sheer creativity to such hampers.

Classy Cane Hampers Full of Happiness

Classy Cane Hampers Full of Happiness

This Diwali you can gift a hamper full of happiness that comes in extremely creative cane trays or baskets. Cane stuff has a different level of artistic beauty about it and make for really creative gifts to say the least. There are innumerable options in the said choice as you can check out gifts that come as all-in-one hamper, like, you can find choices in which idols of Gods and Goddesses are coupled with fresh dry fruits and decorative diyas and come as complete Diwali hamper in a beautiful cane basket. There are options in which a pack of mouth-watering sweets is coupled with a two layed lucky and prosperous Bamboo in a glass vase, 2 decorative Diwali diyas along with some fresh dry fruits that come in a lovely cane tray. There is something about cane work as it never fails to add a touch of creativity to say the least.

Personalized Box of Assorted Chocolates

Personalized Box of Assorted Chocolates

Can any festival be complete without some sweet treats? How about adding a personalized touch to the gifts with the brand’s logo, or the company’s name written in a creative way? Yes, you can choose to add a personal touch to the box full of assorted chocolates which can never fail to charm as a savoury treat for Diwali. This simple yet sophisticated box of assorted chocolates can indeed turn out to be one of the best corporate Diwali gifts that can convey happiness instantly.

Let your choice of Diwali corporate gifting speak for itself as you add the touch of creativity to the best gifts this Diwali!

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