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Perfumes are very intricate tricky things that can make you smell like a million buck if used in the right way. Created by expert perfumers, there is fragrance essence obtained from the natural as well as chemical-based sources mixed in a base of alcohol or oil to deliver the finest of scent. The composition of a perfume is very simple but the science behind it is very intricate and complex. To ensure that the fragrance is able to stay on you for hours, you will first have to understand the science behind the fragrances. A good perfume either can make you smell heavenly or may evaporate in no time, after everything related to scents, there is a reason behind. If you are aware of the intricacies of the scents, you will be surprised how it changes the way you are using the scent and how it performs on you.

One of the most essential parts of making a perfume lasting is nothing but your skin. A perfume is like a living animal that comes alive when it touches your skin. So to get most out of your scent, you have to ensure that your skin is able to do justice with the scent.

Check On Skin Before Buying: When we are at the perfume store, we might sometimes, spray the perfume on our friend while trying out the perfume. Doing this can affect your fragrance choice as every perfume smells differently on everyone. The perfume merges with your pheromones to create a unique scent allowing you to smell one of a kind in the most literal sense. If you want to know the real scent of a perfume, smell it with the help of the tester sheet otherwise the best way is the check it on your own skin. However, if you are looking for best perfume gifts for women and men, you can use only the tester sheet to understand the scent.

Avoid Buying Perfume Blindly: We often are lured by the cute looking perfume bottles and buy the scents just by looking at the bottle. If you have been doing this, you need to stop and start looking at the words and signs on the fragrance bottle as well as packaging. There are several types of perfumes and each has a specific use or performance limitations. Always make sure to read the description of the perfume properly to know if it is something you need or can use. From the name of the perfume to the type of perfume, everything can influence your choice so be careful about it.

Selecting Perfume Type According To Skin:

While buying a perfume, there is one essential thing that you need to pay attention to and that is your skin. There are several types of perfumes available in the market, but if you are not sure about the type of your skin, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right kind. People with dry skin often find their perfumes evaporating in no time. This is because their skin lacks essential moisture to hold the perfume in the skin pores. For this type of skin, you need a perfume that has higher fragrance essence concentration and a base which is heavy and sticky like oil.

Oil-based perfumes will allow the perfume to stick to the skin. If you have oily skin you can choose any perfume as your skin has all the moisture it needs to make the perfume long-lasting. For people with normal or combination skin, you can use a perfume which is oil-based or go for alcohol based with higher perfume essence. While buying Perfume Gift Sets, you can keep this thing mind buying perfume suitable to that person’s skin.

Changing Scent with Season:

This is something that can take your fragrance to the next level. Perfume is designed in a way that it reacts with the heat of your body and around the body. Since the level of heat changes in every season, you need to use the perfume accordingly or at least choose the fragrance type according to the season. In the summer months, when the heat is a bit high, you should go for the perfume that is gentle as it will evaporate with slightest of heat. For the winter months when the temperatures are a bit low, using the perfume with strong smells will help you to smell amazing. For monsoon season with a lot of humidity around, fragrances with fresh, citrusy or herby scents can work best for you. So, before buying a perfume, make sure to do a little research and find the ideal one suitable for the season.

The Concentration of Fragrance Essence Matters:

The concentration of fragrance essence is very essential while buying perfume. We often buy scents without wondering what the fragrance type is once we love the scent. However, you need to understand that the scent is not everything about the perfume. If the fragrance essence is less, it might not last as long as you wish it to be. Eau de parfum and parfum are two types of perfumes that have highest fragrance essence and will give you fragrance lasting for hours but are priced at a higher cost. Eau de toilette contains about 5-10% of fragrance essence giving you fragrance lasting for about 6 hours available at a mid-level cost. All other types of perfumes contain lesser fragrance essence so choose whichever suits you and your budget best.

Understanding the science of perfume is very essential if you want it to perform according to your needs. Read about the scents, understand the notes and choose the type of scent carefully to enjoy an all-day of freshness in your budget.

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