Smart Home Appliances You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones

Are you buying a new home? Then your children will be eager to make the old home change to a smart home. But if you are on rent, and you cannot make any changes, then here are the smart appliances you can gift to your loved ones or purchase them for yourself. So, will we now focus on the topic – smart home appliances you can gift to your loved ones?

The devices in our list do not need many modifications. They can just do their task in any place. So, let us get going.

A. Google Home Hub

google home hub

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Everyone knows about the smart items from Google. For example, Home/Home Mini. But if you want to stay within the budget, then you can go for Google Home Hub.

The screen has a nice frame, but the advantage is you can control smart devices in the home. More benefits – YouTube videos, you can watch. And you need just a power outlet.

B. Smart Home Appliances – Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

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Yes, Alexa is famous all over, but still, you want to reduce the budget, then go for the Amazon Echo Spot. Advantages – you can video call with a camera. Lightweight, even a senior can carry the device around the home. The design is excellent. To get the best, all you need is a WiFi connection and a power outlet.

C. Smart Home Appliances – Sonos One

Sonos One

Image from @Amazon

Do you want to listen to the best sound? Then you have to go for this device. This quality can outsmart rivals. You can also use this device to communicate with other Sonos devices.

You can keep this device either on a stand or somewhere. You can shift the device to any part of the home.  

D. Smart Home Appliances – Philips Hue smart bulb starter kit

Philips Hue smart bulb starter kit

Image from @amazon

When it comes to smart bulbs, you get many options. You can divide them into two categories. If you do not need a hub, but only the lighting system, then the examples are TP Link’s Smart Bulb. You can connect it to the WiFi. There is the next where you can find the system included with a hub. You know the name – Philips Hue

You can change the color of the bulb as per your moods. Home improvement experts have always praised this product. The name “Philips” is a brand and it has various products such as fixtures, floodlights and A19 bulbs. 

You can make a start on the white light bulbs. Yes, they are a little expensive in India, but you also need to buy the Hue Hub to make them active. Do you have the Alexa or other types such as the Google Assistant? By spending a small amount such as 

Bluetooth version, you do not need to spend more.

E. Smart Home Appliances – TP-Link’s mini smart plug

TP-Link's mini smart plug

Image from @appadvice

With this smart plug, you can activate the smart fan, smart lights. Yes, you can also use the voice. There is also the option to schedule the modification in the plug. You need only a WiFi and a power outlet.

This can be within the budget gift. You can also install it anywhere around the home. The power can get activated or cut off as per the requirement.

The app of this device has an excellent design with good features. You can also schedule the timings. In addition, it can coordinate with Alexa and the next entrant, Google Assistant. 

F. Nest Hello

Image from @currys

It is a home improvement device. It is very expensive. But being a video doorbell, you can notice the outsider via this doorbell. This Nest Hello device also records the happenings in front of your home. You need to do some wiring and replacement of a doorbell, but it is worth the expense.

Imagine, you have invested in a Nest Hello device for the Bangalore home. You tried to change the wires but it misfired. Having replaced the old doorbell, you wanted to fix this problem within a quick time. So, you downloaded the bro4u app and book for the best electricians in Bangalore. You solved the problem with this method.

G. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Amazon Echo Dot

Image from bhphotovideo

When it comes to the smart speaker category, the Amazon Echo Dot beats its competitors by a mile. As in relation to the earlier version models, this device also excels at coordination with other devices. The advantage of Amazon Echo Dot is its audio-out jack. With this part, you can easily connect to speaker set-up. If your sister loves hearing to music, gift to her this device.

H. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Image from

You have already heard about the Nest Thermostat. Now, let us hear about the Ecobee variety. You can work with this device based on WiFi. It is easy to control based on your voice or app. With the temperature sensor, this device can adjust the temperature on its own. 


Listed in the article are some home appliances you can gift to your friend or relatives. Agreed, you can find many models of various brands, but only a few have been listed. We plan to include them in the next set of articles. 

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