Which Flowers Are Best To Send For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine Gifts

Add colours and fragrance to this day of love as you choose to surprise your beloved with enigmatic bouquet of lovely flowers. Flowers are the best gifts for the expression of love and romance and since time immemorial; these sweet smelling delicate blossoms have charmed lovers in the most colourful manner. From gorgeous red roses, to that of exotic orchids to that of pristine lilies, find a plethora of Valentine’s day flowers online as you take your pick from the best of the lot. Although when it is about the celebration of love, it is red roses that have been most preferred, but nonetheless, in the present, many are option for other kind of flower bouquets in different hues as a clear break from the traditional concept of sending red roses as the best expression of love.

Wondering that which flowers are best to send for Valentine’s Day? What works best as flowers for the Valentine is dependant on the individual taste and preference of your beloved and keeping that in mind, select the bunch that best matches his/ her choice and it can never go wrong in wooing him/ her with a bunch of fresh and fragrant bloom for the celebration of love and romance. We are here to tell you about some cool and stylish bunch of flowers that make for exclusive choices to surprise the love of your life on this upcoming Valentine’s Day:

Red Romance You:

It is this gorgeous bunch of 12 red roses that are neatly done in a red paper packing with lots of seasonal fillers and decorated with a red ribbon bow. This is that eternal charmer as the traditional bunch of velvety red roses that never fails to express a plethora of unsaid words of love and romance. So, if you are looking for a bunch of red roses, then this is exactly what you need to select to send across red roses to your beloved on the 14th of February.

Perfect N Elegance:

This makes for another cool choice for the Valentine that features a vibrant bunch of 6 exotic purple orchids that are neatly arranged in a bunch in a cellophane packing and decorated with a pink ribbon bow.

Yellow N Chocolatey:

Yes, although yellow flowers are associated with friendship, but you can still choose to send a bunch of yellow sunshine to your Valentine, if friendship happens to be the base of your relationship. Don’t hesitate to shower your beloved with this yellow bunch of flowers if she/ he is fond of yellow flowers and in such cases, gifting this bouquet comes as the best possible option. This comes as the bunch of flowers as well as delicious chocolates, when 10 bright and vibrant yellow roses have been combined with 5 Dairy Milk chocolate bars of 13 grams each and have been arranged in a lovely bunch with lots of seasonal fillers in a coloured paper packing and decorated with a bright yellow ribbon bow.

Pink Touch:

Chocolates and flowers are absolute charmers as Valentine’s Day gift for the beloved. This combination hamper is a stunner for the lovers of pink flowers and features a pristine bunch of 12 pretty pink carnations wrapped in a white and blue paper packing and decorated with a pink ribbon bow. It comes with a box of 16 pieces of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Hugs And Kisses:

Colourful bouquets of mixed flowers in a variety of classy hues happen to make for amazing gifts for the beloved on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This bouquet features a glorious combination of 5 pretty pink carnations, 3 pristine white lilies, 10 scarlet red roses that come in a beautiful glass vase arrangement. This pretty bunch in pastel make for a phenomenal bunch to charm your Valentine right at the first sight itself.

Sweet Inspiration:

It is another exclusive option that combines colourful blooms of varied types. It is a basket arrangement of orchids, carnations and roses that are neatly done with a cute and cuddly teddy bear and decorated with leaves. This basket full of colourful flowers and the cuddly toy comes in a beautiful cane basket and sits as pretty as a picture.

Designer Love:

If you are looking for something absolutely rare and unique, then this bunch of flowers is sure to meet your requirement. It is a ravishing bunch of 20 mixed carnations that are done in a jute wrapping and comes decorated with green leaves that add to the beauty of the bunch in a marvellous manner. It comes with this amazing wrapping that is not only gorgeous, but indeed makes for an offbeat choice of vivid flowers for the beloved.

This Valentine’s Day, express love with these ravishing bouquets of pretty little flowers.

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