Flowers Which You Can Cultivate In Your Garden During Spring Season

Our planet’s axis begins to lean towards the sun, and due to that, the days start getting warmer and longer. On March 21st or 22nd, eventually, the Spring season starts outlining a formal ending to the frosty winters and slowly beginning the Summer season. The Spring season is an interim phase separating the winter and summer season. Eventually, you are confused about whether to put the blanket away or not! As you feel chills at night and dawn, but the midday sun is sweltering. Also, some people fall sick due to the change in the season.

When you look all around, you will see that nature is slowly bidding farewell to the past and boldly welcoming the newness. The old brown leaves fall off, and new green leaves arrive on the trees. This season shows us all that there is continuously a new beginning that is much more pleasant than the past. The major festivals of this particular season that concludes New Begining and New Season are Easter, Holi, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi, Poyla Boisakh, etc. What supplements more grace to this particular season are the charming Spring blossoms. Let’s have a look at them, and you can also grow these beautiful Spring blossoms in your wonderful garden during this season or send them through online flower delivery in Pune to your loved ones.


In the universe of blossoms, lilac carries the most delightful aroma that recalls the spring season. Your entire house will emanate of love and positivity if you bring home this blooming plant. It is available in various sizes and shapes, and hence you can pick the tall trees or the dwarf shrubs. It will need well-drained soil and brilliant sunlight. The purple lilac blossom is the most popular lilac and is also linked with first love. You can pick up these gorgeous lilacs as an anniversary gift. Violet, white, magenta, and blue are a few other color contrasts of this perennial. The enchanting aroma of this bloom makes it an essential element in the perfumes and cosmetics industry. Besides that, it is also found that the lilac essential oil is extremely efficient in relaxing the mind.


The name Pansy is acquired from the French word “Pensée,” which means “thought.” So, this perennial signifies remembrance. This blooming plant needs cool weather but also relishes the sun. So, you can take it to your balcony, lawn, or garden in the early Spring and savor the gorgeous blooms throughout the season. It needs well-drained soil, so remember to hydrate it every day. The color blend of white, yellow, and purple will bring liveliness in your beautiful garden. You will love to arise to the scene and aroma of this perennial. In the Victorian age, articulating romance and love was a kind of crime. So, this blossom became a medium to exhibit passion, love, and desire. Another fascinating trivia regarding this perennial is that there is salicylic acid present in it, which heals dizziness and headache. You can find more information about it online or through your nearby florist in Mumbai. However, you can return home and quietly relax on your lawn or balcony amidst these enchanting flowers!


You require a burst of radiant sunshine and daily watering to relish the beautiful scene of Hyacinth. The grape-like impression of this perennial is a much-savored Spring bloom that will indeed cheer your garden. This blossom is accessible in yellow, white, purple, and red colors. This spring perennial is utilized productively in the branded fragrances.


This perennial is the favorite of the Spring season. It signifies pure passion, love, prosperity, abundance, and royal attitude. The most popular colors of tulip are purple, yellow, pink, and red. Every shade has a particular importance, and you should know them before taking them home. If you desire to display a passionate, deep, and lasting love, go for a brilliant red tulip. You can also give a purple tulip bloom to your beloved, as that indicates prosperity and abundance. If you want to cheer up your friends, you can pick a pink tulip. So choose the ones you want and send flowers to Mumbai to your family and friends.

Cherry Blossom:

A completely bloomed cherry blossom tree is comforting to the eyes and the soul in the Spring months. The attractive sight heals all the pains of your soul. This spring blossom is Japan’s unauthorized national flower. If you possess a massive garden, you can take this Cherry blossom tree along and let it flourish throughout the Spring season. This beautiful tree will need a clean ground. The excellent representative meaning of this blooming tree is that – life is lovely and is also small. But a positive mind does not worry about the period of life, but life’s beauty!

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